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March 27, 2009, President Barack Obama at the White House convenes major American bankers. He welcomes them as follows: "The people outside is waiting for you with pitchforks. The hour is grave!"


In a documentary broadcasted  the September 4 th, 2012 on the television channel ARTE, entitled "Goldman Sachs, the bank that runs the world," Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund comes back on this event:

SIMON JOHNSON ex-chef Economiste au FMI

Quote 29'44 "

"By going to this meeting bankers were quite worried. They thought they would be, rightly held, responsible for huge economic disaster they caused in the U.S. and worldwide.

- They have not been held accountable?

- I was quite surprised by the way of acting of OBAMA administration. Me, as a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, I worked on the financial crisis for 20 years around the world and the only thing you do not do is to keep all those responsible in place ..! The IMF never proposes rescue plan without penalty! This is not acceptable! But that was been done in the US!


- How do you explain it?


- The prevailing thought is that Wall Street is helpful and knows his job. So banks are useful, even big banks and mega-banks like Goldman Sachs are the best. In reality, this is completely false! "


Unquote 30'54 "


Thank you, Mr. Johnson, we cannot be more clear!  (Simon Johnson left the IMF in 2008.)




A rescue plan could not be more demanding than erasing debt from one country to the IMF and member countries of the Paris Club.

Unlike the United States Government had taken a policy decision to rescue its banks, the International Monetary Fund  has strict rules. In particular: "The IMF never proposes rescue plan without penalty ! This could not be acceptable!"

For the Republic of Congo, no top manager, whatever he is, whose sacrifice has been requested and even less obtained. However this country was so plagued with corruption, bled by massive diversions and frauds of all kinds that the Minister of Finance Mr. Issoïbeka Pacific could not prevent himself to make a confession in front the Senate Congolese television cameras (extract from the letter addressed to Mr. Ramon Fernandez, President of the Club of Paris 05 October 2010):

"Relatively little time before the Congo reaches the completion point, the Minister of Finance, Mr. Pacifique Issoïbeka, told face to senators and live on Congolese television that "60% of government contracts were bogus"(http://mampouya.over-blog.com/article-28243118.html).

This statement made ​​a lot of noise in Brazzaville. This did not prevent Madame Antoinette SAYEH, of the IMF, to congratulate herself for the progress made by the Republic of Congo in term of governance (attachment) and to conclude thus her answer to the letter that was sent to Mr. Strauss-Kahn:

 "In the same vein, it encourages all creditors to participate in HIPC debt relief for Congo. Finally, we would note that a number of triggers (pre-conditions), including in the governance area, are being fulfilled in order for Congo to reach the HIPC completion point." "




Who should we believe: Mr. Issoïbeka, the Congolese Minister of Finance who had confessed that 60% of government contracts are "bogus"?

Or Ms Antoinette Sayeh, the Head of the African Department at the IMF which prides herself that "number of triggers (pre-conditions), including in the governance ares, are being fulfilled" when she had recognized in the same letter quoted above, that "the Congolese authorities provide information to IMF staff to carry out its duties. "?


Elements which, as I said in this blog, in letters addressed to the Paris Club and in the complaint I filed with the Paris prosecutor's office, were false for most ! For memory, the co-author of the false reports is none other than Mr. Reza Moghadam, Head of the European Department at the IMF.


One single concession, for the principle,  was obtained by the International Monetary Fund:

The closure of COTRADE ASIA LIMITED, just before the Completion Point.

This structure domiciled in Hong Kong was a mirror company belonging to Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso. It allowed him to make transactions for its own account, which should have been negotiated by the Cotrade, a subsidiary of the National Oil Company (SNPC). Denounced by Vulture Funds and, moreover, bank accounts had been blocked, the IMF could not do otherwise than "require" (can we require when negotiating with a rogue state ?) the COTRADE ASIA LIMITED' closure.



Therefore big and beautiful victory of the International Monetary Fund !


In reality it was only a small parenthesis, a few months later, barely the champagne waves had stopped flowing and the blare of the feast of the Congolese scam of the century had ceased in Brazzaville, the son of the President Sassou Nguesso was entrusted with all the oil trading of the SNPC, that he manages in the most absolute opacity! Sometimes ten shipments per month which is easily $ 800 million or a billion dollars a month ...!


The rule described by Mr. Simon Johnson has not been applied to the Congo, only one question must be asked :



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