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Time passes, and it is increasingly clear that the process which led to the cancellation of the Congolese debt was a vast hoax suffered by taxpayers of member countries of the Paris Club.

Intelligence, especially trained to restructuring and debt write-offs, probably approached the Congolese president by proposing the idea of ​​not having to pay his. It was enough to hide the real resources of the country and to benefit from his knowledge networks that would cause the Congo to benefit from the HIPC program.


Easy as pie for the very rare initiates!


This intelligence that might be described as criminal, has permitted that one of the worst regimes in Africa has abused of a program, which it was not entitled. In the light of the elements that appear now, it is not sure that those who lent themselves to this conspiracy are not accountable in front of the Justice of the Member countries of the Paris Club...


The International Monetary Fund, which had issued the go-ahead to erase its debt, could assist in identifying the responsibilities. This is somewhat the sense of the letter (below) that I have addressed today at the Africa Department Chief of IMF, Madame Antoinette Sayeh.


Since this November 4, 2012 correspondence sending, it is produced:


-flood in Pointe Noire, which directly resulted in 30 deaths directly, plus about 60 deaths due to cholera that is declared in a city jail


 - a plane crash on dwellings near the runway of the airport of Brazzaville. The plane, an Ilyusin76, no longer had the right to fly and had no insurance. Once again those close to the president are involved in the illicit exploitation of this unit.



-flooding in Brazzaville, once again due to the poor state of the infrastructure of stormwater drainage, have caused the deaths of 13 people and caused enormous damage.


- spill uninterrupted for two months around Pointe Noire.

ScreenHunter 250 Dec. 15 19.54

- purchase of armored vehicles and weapons in Russia for the Police. This material is intended for use to great lengths to suppress any expression of discontent of the people, especially the tens of thousands of people homeless since the explosion of March 4, 2012 (http://sergeberrebi.over-blog.com/article-armes-et-munitions-au-lieu-d-ecoles-et-d-hopitaux-100742984.html  


http://sergeberrebi.over-blog.com/article-fmi-brazzaville-hiroshima-et-nous-101551684.html ).




 Thanks to the staff of the IMF and the World Bank.



111, Bd Croisette

06400 CANNES


Mob : 0677186038

                                                                                                              Cannes le 04 novembre 2012


                                                                                              Madame Antoinette M. SAYEH

                                                                                              Director African Department

                                                                                              International Monetary Fund

                                                                                              Washington DC (USA)


By  e-mail



Long before clearing the debt of the Republic of Congo, serious and multiple warnings were sent to the International Monetary Fund and its staff on the reality of the situation in that country. It should not be eligible for the HIPC program, much less reach the Completion Point. It was, then, not taken into account.

Today, a little over two and a half years after the decision to erase the Congolese debt flagrant abuses of all kinds (oligarchic, dictatorial, security and financial) give cruelly reason  to opponents, including myself, to disproportionately benefit the charity of the dictatorship in Central Africa. This deletion, we can see now is a dismal failure for the institutions which have allowed it. Yours must bear the full weight of its decision!

It is a civic duty that alert the media, associations and any Court of Justice, which could be affected by the use outrageous that was made of the Taxpayers money of member countries of the Paris Club.The truth must be obtained about the real motivations and responsibilities of different stakeholders. Actions "Whistleblowing" should be encouraged in all countries where they are permitted.

Some states, unworthy, do not hesitate to seek to ingratiate international aid decision makers of all kinds, at any level whatsoever. The briber Congo undeniably part of this small club of states.

 Also, for a Alex Segura  case,  which has come out into the open, how  much have not been?

 Modestly, I must remind you that I was the first to suggest a risk of "retro-charity" to which it was needed to be particularly vigilant.

Ideally, the Ethics Committee of the International Monetary Fund would have to grasp itself of it at last. And the recall of the circumstances in which the Congo has benefited unduly of billions of dollars of the international generosity, could be to it very useful.

Already your letter of December 3, 2009 in response to the letter of November 10th, of which you don't had wanted to take in account, addressed by William Bourdon to Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn  , then Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund  ended as follows : " In this regard, the IMF encouraged the Authorities to use its best efforts to Obtain comparable treatment from all its Creditors as it pursues debt relief. In the same vein, it encourages al creditors to participate in HIPC debt relief for Congo. Finally, we would note that a number of triggers (pre-conditions), including in the governance area, are being fulfilled in order to reach the Congo for HIPC completion point .... "

Your satisfaction was clearly expressed and the Republic of Congo, according to you, had fully deserved the debt reduction that your "green light", the award of Completion Point, would then allow. All the evidence "errors" and fraud, including those served by Mr. Bourdon, could not been right because of your vision voluntarily truncated on the reality of the Congolese situation and your position firmly asserted of  a virtuous Congo and deserving the generous gift of $ 5 billion to erase his debt.

Regarding foremost of public money, that of taxpayers member countries of the Paris Club and as that of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (255.2 million U.S. for these two institutions offered  to the dictatorship Congolese), we can only be shocked by the firm intransigence of senior officials IMF in their refusal to give it the less importance.

Fortunately we are in a world where, despite everything, justice has all its place and that it often gets the last word.

Thus, the Federal Office of Justice of Switzerland, for months, opened an investigation into "corruption and money laundering" that is targeting, according to press Helvetic, Congolese personalities partly. Approximately $ 2 billion of oil cargoes from early 2010 to late 2011, negotiated in dark conditions have attracted the attention of the Swiss authorities. Pseudo prefinancing that you have officially fought, have captured these revenues, as almost all Congolese oil revenues in favor of Chinese companies. The investigation covers a Genevan Trader, but no doubt that these practices affect, of course, all other operators that have to do with the Congolese kleptocracy and, for the most part, are installed in the same financial place.

Good governance Congolese that you have boasted to justify the award of the Completion Point in Congo Brazzaville is, unquestionably and very seriously, undermined.


These facts, among all others brought to your knowledge, have the great merit of being now in the hands of Justice of a small country, but a great democracy, insensitive to Washington lobbyists, dearly paid by Sassou Nguesso or its relay "FrencAfrican" equally generously rewarded. No doubt investigations will go to completion. I would not fail to remember that Switzerland is a member of the Paris Club and I do not despair that one of its taxpayers will ask for explanations about how his generosity was abused by the Congolese debt cancellation.

The International Monetary Fund is only interested in macroeconomic balances and international monetary cooperation, we know, but it is evident that it has scandalously failed in its mission, with the World Bank, to be sure that reforms prior to obtaining completion point would lead to a reduction in poverty in this country falsely classified as HIPCs. (I must remind you that Christine Lagarde, the current General Manager of the International Monetary Fund, then Finance Minister of the French Republic, wore the Paris Club, had received a copy of the letter dated 10 November 2009 addressed to Mr. Strauss-Kahn).

In the recent ranking "Doing Business 2013" produced by the World Bank, the Republic of Congo, despite the billions of dollars of which it was rewarded, thanks to you, and despite the "miraculous" almost doubling its oil production and of the revelation of TOTAL  of incredible reserves of 300 million barrels of oil, is shamefully positioned at the 183rd position out of 185 countries.

The least we can say, the public money of which the IMF had allowed the distraction in favor to this dictatorship, has not been very well used on the economic! We can even say that he produced effects completely opposed to reducing poverty, which it was intended !

A few months ago, on 4 March 2012, due to the dramatic explosion of explosives  deposits and arms located almost in the heart of the Congolese capital, I had interpellated Mr. Edgardo Oscar Melhado Orellan, your representative in Brazzaville on the responsibility of the International Monetary Fund for its "complacency and laxity towards a dictatorship, much more than a rogue state." (Http://sergeberrebi.over-blog.com/article-fmi-brazzaville-hiroshima-et-nous-101551684.html). The purchase of weapons has been and continues to be a priority!

My voice is fortunately not the only to denounce the Congolese situation, predation of wealth and resources, abuses  by the ruling power who, thanks to  the debts erase, had only increased the sufferings of his population instead of reducing them. On the misfortunes of the latter, you should read the terrible painting that present Dilou Mr. Bernadin and motivated the writing of this letter:  (http://www.mampouya.com/article-congo-brazzaville-ou-le-theatre-de-la-guerre-civile-multiforme-et-permanente-111688367.html ). Here's an excerpt:

"The Congo Brazzaville illustrated itself in the field by becoming the theater of civil war multiform and ongoing.

Some might bristle at the idea that the Congo Brazzaville became the theater of civil war. But who knows the Congo can hardly be surprised. Indeed, it should be denounced the underhanded and malignant forms of the civil war which still exist today in Congo Brazzaville.

We will remember for a long time of the atrocities committed  on the people of southern Congo, by heavily armed militias and maintained by the tenants of power. Indeed, since the heavy weapons used in the fratricidal recent  wars became silent. But it would be heresy to believe that the power of Brazzaville is strongly in favor of peace. Because, after these painful episodes, the tenants of power in Brazzaville, who do not lack of imagination, have very quickly deployed  ​​other silent weapons also destructive and insidious as the "Kalashnikov". Hence the impression of peace  gained and seated  when it is nothing.

The multifaceted civil war and permanent is well there.

 Causes for the "bad governance", the lack of statistics, corruption, prostitution,  sprinkling or purchase of consciences, insecurity, injustice, impunity, scorched earth policy and use of religion for political purposes have replaced conventional weapons and are the direct causes and certain of the bloodbath in Congo Brazzaville.

Nowadays, it escapes no one  that any Congolese is inclined to permanent civil war which does not say its real name. As, the endangerment the lives of others, lack of freedoms and discrimination of all kinds have become legion and tend to be rooted in morals. The immorality and incivisme have invested all spheres of social, health, education, culture and many other areas of life and the existence of the Congolese people. There is not a single Congolese who is not exposed to the avatars of "bad governance" or anti-values ​​set to music by the public authorities.

It does not go a single day without that the news do not record to miscellaneous facts, crimes, arbitrary arrests, mismanagement and violations of human rights.Not forgetting the epidemics that are invited the courtyard  of a society already infected with moral filth. With a prostitution tolerated, integrated and become almost institutional and not without effect on the exponential rate of infant and child mortality in the guise of AIDS. But not only, there must add to the many diseases related to unhealthy cities and the lack of efficient programs of hygiene services and public health. The obsolete and inadequate infrastructure and logistic facilities, the abandonment and  the disrepair of the educational, school and of university. For evidence, hospitals have become hospices, spaces for instruction transformed into foutoirs and into orgies. Cynicism and contempt for human nature carefully maintained and exhibited by the political class, is not to be outdone, in terms of serious harm to the physical integrity , moral and psychological populations as evidenced by the desolation, the depravity of morals, the poverty, the partition of the people into two camps which live side by side and look at each like china dogs. Some showing the artifices of their wealth improperly acquired and the others rotting and dying in abject poverty under the indifferent gaze and sufficient of the rulers.. But also, in terms of the resignation of the state in relation to its sovereign functions. All crowned by the institutionalization of a state of non right with the added bonus of a reign of a clan against an entire people, thus establishing a climate of terror and fear among the population.”

Terrible indictment indeed! But which to believe, your glowing  and erroneous reports or this painting which cannot be more black?

The accomplices of this regime, wherever they are, deserve to be prosecuted!

Again, the debt erasing supported by the taxpayers of the member countries of the Club of Paris should never have been granted to one of the worst if not the worst dictatorship in Africa. It interpreted this as an encouragement to act even more badly with respect to its population thenceforth that it had obtained recognition of International Institutions and the huge financial relief that went with it.

The responsibility of the International Monetary Fund is not only bigger.

Indirectly in the conclusion of the same letter of December 3,in extract above, you were addressing me the counsel to participate in the Congolese debt relief while we all knew that this rich country did not deserve it.

In my turn, directly, I hope that the Ethics Committee of the International Monetary Fund will look at the facts that I raise since years and on the judicial proceeding currently in progress before the Court of Paris, that I have already triggered (Complaint against Mr. Dominique Strauss).


To conclude, I have a deep thought for the countless victims of Hurricane Sandy which comes to crack down on the East Coast of the United States. Many have lost everything because of the wind, waves or fires.

Has anyone ever thought to erase their debts?

Surely not ! In addition, they will long continue to pay with their taxes the billions of dollars, unduly canceled to this African dictatorship and to some other countries that are not worth much better ......



PS A picture is worth a thousand words sometimes. Here is one on the Swiss affair of money laundering and corruption : the Congo "good student of the IMF" is shown as an offender chased by the Swiss police ... A shame for everyone!

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